Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

Child Art Classes

Children's stone carving, sculpture and art classes comming soon at - St Mary’s Parish Office, Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 2TX   google maps

Please contact Katherine if you are interested a class.

Intergenerational family learning festival - Forest Hill


Katherine ran two classes at the festival for children between the ages of 6 - 13.


The main activity she organised was demonstrating her Wall Art sculpture by printing in clay using found natural objects. Plaster was then poured on to the clay which when it was dried and removed created the sculpture. This was a very popular, attended by a lot of children with their family members.


There was also another table display showing ideas of collage work for children to make sculptural pictures using natural materials. This was to give them ideas of pictures they can make at home. This encouraged a lot of interest and conversation and some children asked for some materials to start their art work at home.


There was a third table on which Katherine displayed a lot of her stone carvings, books, historical stone artifacts and stone masons tools. This table caused tremendous interest, it was visited by a lot of people of all ages and triggered interesting conversation about stone masons and their work.

Included on the table were photographs of the prestigious buildings Katherine has restored. These were also of great interest to the public who made a lot of complimentary comments.


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Child Art classes appeal to adultsChild Art classes appeal to adults
Childs delight - pouring plaster onto coloured clayChilds delight - pouring plaster onto coloured clay
Coloured plaster setting on imprintsColoured plaster setting on imprints
Revealing the plaster Wall ArtRevealing the plaster Wall Art