Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

Landsdowne Portico

2013 - Lansdowne Gardens, London, SW8, UK.

Katherine was part of a team restoring the external house portico to its former glory. Her work involved copying the neighbour's portico where she took casts of architectural moulding and produced multiple copies in a high strength plaster. She then installed them on to the restored portico. She also carved the flutes into the portico's mortared columns. 

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Portico before restorationPortico before restoration
Portico after restorationPortico after restoration
Architectural moulding castArchitectural moulding cast
Architectural moulding externally installed Architectural moulding externally installed
Detailed mouldingDetailed moulding
Multiple copies of mouldings Multiple copies of mouldings
Mortared column before carvingMortared column before carving
Carving columnCarving column
Carved column's flutesCarved column's flutes