Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

Cherry Gravestone

2011 - London Road Cemetery, St Albans Hertfordshire, UK

Katherine hand carved this gravestone working from the clients specification. The client was an architect and provided a full design and picture of an orchid for embellishment.

The client was happy for Katherine to use her creativity and knowledge in stone with the orchid carving. Katherine also advised on the design as it was text heavy, coming up with the unusual idea of carving some of the inscription on the sides of the gravestone. This gravestone is in Portland stone.

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Gravestone by Katherine WorthingtonGravestone by Katherine Worthington
Hand carved orchid Hand carved orchid
Orchid designOrchid design
Hand carved gravestone - side lettersHand carved gravestone - side letters
Letter carving - sides - topLetter carving - sides - top
Gravestone - cemeteryGravestone - cemetery