Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

Darnley Mausoleum

2006 - 2007  Kent, UK.

Katherine carved this heraldic statue in Portland stone. The coat of arms is comprised of a shield with two griffins, a crown and a motif. At 1.5 metres high x 3 metres long it was a large shield positioned above the main entrance. She also did some decorative architectural carving to the cornice stones inside the mausoleum. 

The restoration was of significant importance as it was part of Cobham Park Heritage project and with the National Trust.

Lord Darnley who married Mary Queen of Scotts in 1565 left instructions for the making of the tomb. The tomb was to be built for himself and his descendants as their usual burial spot as Westminster Abbey was full! The tomb is surrounded by a dry moat and has an unusual stone pyramid on top.

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Carving - griffin statueCarving - griffin statue
Heraldic Statue in Portland stoneHeraldic Statue in Portland stone
Roughing out - shieldRoughing out - shield
Statues - finishing touchesStatues - finishing touches
Carved cornice stones inside MausoleumCarved cornice stones inside Mausoleum
Heraldic statues above entrance - dry moatHeraldic statues above entrance - dry moat