Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

Darcus Howe - Award

2010 - Morley College, London, SE1, UK

Darcus Howe is a well known British broadcaster, writer, social commentator and TV personality.

Winner of the annual Portrait Head Competition - Judges include Janet Browne - V&A, Etienne Millner - President of the Society of Portrait Sculptors, Julie Lomax, Head of Visual Arts - Arts Council, Stephen Duncan - Sculptor. It also won the sitters choice prize as Darcus chose it for his home. For this competition she had a limited time in which she had to sculpt the head in clay.

Addittionally Katherine carved and installed a bespoke marble plinth for his sculpture to be viewed in his living room.

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Darcus Howe and his portraitDarcus Howe and his portrait
Darcus Howe noting a family resemblance in the eyesDarcus Howe noting a family resemblance in the eyes
Bespoke marble plinth by Katherine WorthingtonBespoke marble plinth by Katherine Worthington