Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

Hand carved stone fireplace

Katherine carved and installed this simple but stylish bespoke fireplace in Portland stone. The fireplace is safely installed but can be easily removed. The client wanted to be able to remove the stone without damaging the original brick fireplace in case they wish to sell the house with its originally features.
The problem was solved by adding some new removable bricks behind the stone for it to be pinned to. If the client wishes to remove the stone at a later date this can easily be done without effecting the current brick fireplace.
This gas fire provides good heat as the stone surrounds protects from drafts.

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Hand carved stone fireplace surroundsHand carved stone fireplace surrounds
New bricks behind stone - easily removedNew bricks behind stone - easily removed
Stone fireplace pinned onto new removable bricksStone fireplace pinned onto new removable bricks