Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

St Bride's

2013 - Saint Bride's Avenue, London, EC4, UK

The Portland stone capitals were in need of repair. Katherine masoned and carved many replacement parts to the circular and pillaster capitals, including acanthus leaf tips and abacus sections. 

Fittingly called St Bride's its towering spire is the inspiration for the modern day tiered wedding cake.

The church has had a turbulent past, the London plague killed 238 of its parishoners and was burnt to the ground in the great fire of London. It is said to be one of London's oldest churches. Redesigned in 1666 by Britains historical architect Sir Christopher Wren, who also designed St Paul's Cathedral. St Bride's is the second highest of Wren's churches overlooking the taller St Paul's.

Whilst standing on St Bride's scaffolding Katherine enjoyed the view of St Paul's Cathedral reminiscing on her St Paul's Corinthian capital she carved in 2003.  

Katherine was also able to step back in time at St Bride's finding preserved oyster shells in the stone mortar joints used by the old stone masons to support the stones whilst the mortar set.

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Sir Christopher Wren's 2nd highest churchSir Christopher Wren's 2nd highest church
Circular Portland stone capitals - repairsCircular Portland stone capitals - repairs
Architectural Portland stone carvingsArchitectural Portland stone carvings
Reminiscent view - St Pau'ls Cathedral Reminiscent view - St Pau'ls Cathedral
Acanthus leaf tipAcanthus leaf tip
Circular and Pillaster capitalsCircular and Pillaster capitals