Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

Wellington Arch

2000 -2001 - Apsley Way, Hyde Park Corner, London, W1

Katherine started her 4 years working with Stonewest LTD on Hyde Park's prestigious Wellington Arch. She carved the missing volutes and acanthus leaf tips to the ornate capitals. She also carved an architectural pineapple, lion's masks, modillions and egg and darts in Portland stone on the building's architectural cornice.

See Katherine's testimonial letter for this work from the project's director for English Heritage.

After the restoration was complete part of the arch was turned into an exhibiton by English Heritage to commemorate the project. Pictures and videos were shown of her work, see the exhibition testimonial letter.

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Katherine Worthington - The Daily TelegraphKatherine Worthington - The Daily Telegraph
Katherine's carved modillion sectionKatherine's carved modillion section
Modillions installedModillions installed
Modillions installed on architectural stone corniceModillions installed on architectural stone cornice
Lions mask for stone corniceLions mask for stone cornice
Missing volutes Missing volutes
New carved volutesNew carved volutes
Volutes installed - Portland stone capitalsVolutes installed - Portland stone capitals
Acanthus leaf for capitalAcanthus leaf for capital
Architectural stone pineappleArchitectural stone pineapple
Egg and dart carvingsEgg and dart carvings
English Heritage's Wellington ArchEnglish Heritage's Wellington Arch