Katherine Worthington

Stone Carver & Sculptor

The Albert Memorial - Parnassus

2013 - Kensington Gardens, The Royal Parks, London, W1, UK

Katherine repairs statues in stone and marble. She worked on the central Parnassus frieze in Carrara marble. She produced initial models, carved and installed damaged or missing parts to the statues.

For her work on this project she was appointed head carver, see testimonial letter for her duties.

The Parnassus central frieze is surrounded by 169 life size historic figures carved in brilliant white marble, celebrating Prince Albert's love of the artsThe Parnassus central frieze is named after mount Parnassus a favourite resting place in ancient Greek mythology for the muses. A large gilded statue of Albert sits above, enclosed in a towering spire embellished with exotic stones and paintings.

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Marble thumb - Katherine WorthingtonMarble thumb - Katherine Worthington
Statue in need of repairStatue in need of repair
Statue restored Statue restored
Giotto statue with repaired finger and thumbGiotto statue with repaired finger and thumb
Restored marble compass tipsRestored marble compass tips
Smallest marble repair in world - 30mm x 6mm x 10mmSmallest marble repair in world - 30mm x 6mm x 10mm